VMware Cloud on AWS "Recovery"

Automated Workload Protection and Recovery between Data Center and VMware Cloud!

"Solutions such as One Hybrid Cloud™ enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create operational consistency across cloud environments...”
Mark Lohmeyer - Vice President, Products, Cloud Platforms, VMware 






Business Challenges

  • Duplicate infrastructure costs (CapEx) in secondary environment for servers, storage, networking, software licenses, power and cooling.
  • High ongoing maintenance costs required to keep secondary environment synchronized with primary including hardware changes and software updates.
  • Compliance requirements may necessitate frequent DR drills, which are cumbersome, risky, timeconsuming and expensive.

IT Challenges

  • Outdated configurations: run book steps don’t match current configurations
  • Limited visibility: uncertainty regarding time it will take to recover and risk of data loss
  • Unpredictable drill outcomes: inability to complete on time and with certainty
  • Data center complexity: expertise frequently unavailable within tight timeframes
  • Human error: extensive manual processes means excessive potential for error



 CloudVelox Use Cases

  • Data Center to Cloud Recovery
  • Cloud to Cloud Recovery


Cloud Velox Benefits

  • Data Center to Cloud Recovery
    1. No capital investment in VMC
    2. No long term commitment
    3. No risky capacity planning
    4. Scale up & down to meet growth
    5. Pay as you go’ usage-based cost
    6. Geographic locality control
    7. More apps can be protected
  • Cloud to Cloud Recovery
    1. No long term commitment
    2. No risky capacity planning
    3. Scale up & down to meet growth
    4. Pay as you go’ usage-based cost
    5. Geographic locality control
    6. More apps can be protected

The Most Comprehensive Approach to

Cloud Migration and Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS

CloudVelox allows organizations to seamlessly migrate and protect workloads into the VMC. Powerful cloud benefits can be realized with minimal cost and delay and free upgrade to vSphere 6.5.

Zero Downtime Deployment
Zero Downtime Deployment

no need to reboot systems during or after migration

Application Blueprinting
Application Blueprinting

and Workload Characterization reduces risks and automates high risk, cumbersome manual tasks that often require specialized cloud skills

Automated Provisioning
Automated Provisioning

and reduces errors and enhances IT resilience

Agile Validation

means that Dev/Test, QA and performance testing can be launched without disrupting replication

On Demand AMI Creation
On Demand
AMI Creation

supports transition to production

Cloud Network Customization
Cloud Network

3 highly automated options for remapping your network in the cloud

Cloud Migration Best Practices: Understanding What (and How) to Move to the Cloud

Learn workload migration prioritization rules for your upcoming transition to the cloud.