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Cloud Automation and Orchestration Software for Cloud Recovery, Cloud Migration, and Cloud Dev/Test.

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Your business wants to leverage the agility and cost savings of the public cloud. Migrating your existing datacenter workloads can be daunting. Or, perhaps you tried to use the public cloud for a secondary environment and your efforts have stalled.

Has your IT team been discouraged by the upfront costs and demands to deploy multi-tier workloads into AWS? Were they overwhelmed by the amount of manual effort preparing your workloads and then customizing it on the cloud? Or do you feel you have to learn specialized cloud skills before you can even get started? Or would you like to quickly determine if you can improve IT resilience by leveraging the cloud with automation instead of using expensive and high maintenance secondary DR infrastructure?

Whatever the reason, we can help you with live migration into AWS for even the most complex environments simply, securely and quickly.

With The One Hybrid Cloud™ Testdrive, You Can Work With A Live Environment In AWS In Under 30 Minutes For Cloud Recovery, Cloud Migration And Cloud Dev/Test

The One Hybrid Cloud™ Linux TestDrive delivers a simple drag and drop, hands-on user experience. You’ll be able to experience the power and simplicity of our solution in real-time. In minutes, One Hybrid Cloud™ can create an application blueprint of your workload. Using continuous replication, your workload can be quickly ready to run in the cloud. Find out for yourself why CloudVelox customers are able to reduce risk and increase productivity, confidence and IT resilience.

Take A TestDrive

Cloudvelox One Hybrid Cloud™ Software

Cloudvelox One Hybrid Cloud™ Software

Helps IT Teams To Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity And It Resilience With:
  • A single solution for the most complex workloads;
  • Application blueprint-centric approach; and
  • Simple drag and drop automation.

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