PTC had already selected Amazon sites it would be using, and had prioritized the applications to be moved first.  In addition, its engineers had started working to resolve application dependencies.  All that was needed was to complete its transition to the cloud - and that required a powerful, non-disruptive migration tool.

Datacenter Consolidation Case Study Summary

PTC Case Study

Operational Challenges:
Consolidating the number of globally dispersed data centers to a smaller number to increase efficiencies and better support organizations and development teams. Although a small number of workloads were migrated into AWS manually, it became quickly apparent that the process was labor intensive, prone to errors and time consuming requiring a number of additional resources not available.

One Hybrid Cloud™ from CloudVelox

Automated workload migration workloads from the datacenter to the cloud, PTC also uses it to “pull systems back” from the cloud to its own datacenters / private cloud for logistical or cost reasons —all without any disruption to users working with running applications



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