CloudVelox Accelerates Workload Mobility and Optimization with One Hybrid Cloud™ Software.

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How We Do It

Manual cloud DR and migration tasks lead to heightened risks, costs and project delays. One Hybrid Cloud ™ software automates those processes, allowing your team to easily and safely leverage the cloud without typical cloud deployment risks and costs.

OS-aware software agent runs in user space
Reduced runtime risk for production systems
Deployed on servers/VMs without requiring reboot/restart

Agent scans physical host(s) and/or virtual machine(s)
Identifies compute, storage, network parameters, and
Identifies network services and open network ports

Compute, storage, network, and security parameters can be mapped and recomposed using cloud services
Integration of native database replication and backup tools for recovery can be configured.

Software automatically provisions required storage volumes using native services on destination cloud

Continuous replication of all workload data including OS, App Data, User Data and software patches
Replication occurs live without restart or downtime and data is encrypted in flight & at rest

Minimal cloud infrastructure services are consumed
Only cloud storage and minimal compute resources for running CloudVelox software costs are incurred, resulting in significant savings

All the configurations (vCPU, memory, subnets, DB and file systems/drives) are used to bring up the workload in AWS VPC
Elastic IP addresses are assigned to servers that will be accessed over the public internet.

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Data Center - Cloud Velox offers an unparalleled hybrid cloud software. Cloud
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Architected for the Most Demanding Data Center Environments

Automation and Orchestration is Enabled Through Robust and Powerful Integration with AWS APIs

Deep integration with AWS services allows for unprecedented automation and orchestration. App, stack, network, storage and data services are replicated into AWS EBS volumes with minimal manual processes.

Architected for the Most Demanding Data Center Environments

How CloudVelox Secures the Data

Security is a key consideration for mission critical workloads. CloudVelox delivers automated data, system and application security including data in motion and at rest.

How CloudVelox Secures the Data

The CloudVelox Approach to Protecting Data, Systems and Applications

The CloudVelox Approach to Protecting Data, Systems and Applications
CloudVelox addresses customer security concerns in a number of ways, including data, system, and application security.
Data Security

Communications between customer data centers and Amazon’s cloud are encrypted – via SSH tunnel, or https. In some cases customers might prefer an IPSec VPN approach to an AWS VPC. In that case, communication is over SSH or https with traffic never going over the Internet. Data volumes (at rest) in the cloud are encrypted.

System Security

Applications can be launched in AWS in individual VPC’s or multiple applications running in a customer data center can be launched in a single VPC. Either way, Network Access Control Lists (firewall for controlling traffic in and out of a subnet) and Security Groups (a virtual firewall for instances to control inbound and outbound traffic) can be leveraged further to customize the flow of traffic

Application Security

CloudVelox extends traditional enterprise security practices from the data center to the cloud. By utilizing CloudVelox’s ability to authenticate users from LDAP servers running in customer data center, customers can assert control over appropriate resource access in the cloud

Data Encryption

Windows workloads
– CloudVelox uses SSL for encrypting data in transit
– Ciphers and keys (both asymmetric and symmetric) used are negotiated between the windows source system and the CloudVelox Cloner

Linux workloads
– CloudVelox uses SSHv2 to replicate data between source server, and CloudVelox Cloner
– Cipher and key strengths are negotiated between the source system and the CloudVelox Cloner