Automated Cloud Migration Services

Automation is key to successful cloud migration projects, especially for large, complex environments.

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Business Challenges

with traditional processes for moving to the cloud
  • Migrations are Expensive when traditional migration tools cannot optimize migration for IaaS environment
  • Migrations can be Delayed when traditional tools require excessive manual support, including scripts

IT Challenges

with traditional processes for moving to the cloud
  • Requires specialized cloud skills for planning and operating existing datacenter workloads on cloud IaaS; new hires or training needed
  • Manual scripts and processes to reconfigure storage, network and security parameters on Cloud IaaS may result in errors delaying or stalling projects
  • Consolidation and Optimization Challenges can force IT pros into less than optimum compromises

The Most Comprehensive Approach to

Cloud Migration for Business and Mission Critical Workloads

CloudVelox allows organizations to seamlessly migrate workloads into the cloud with minimal manual customization. Powerful cloud benefits can be realized with minimal cost and delay.

Cloud migration services leveraging cloud for enhanced availability.
Zero Downtime Deployment
Zero Downtime Deployment

no need to reboot systems during or after migration

Application Blueprinting
Application Blueprinting

and Workload Characterization reduces risks and automates high risk, cumbersome manual tasks that often require specialized cloud skills

Automated Provisioning
Automated Provisioning

and reduces errors and enhances IT resilience

Agile Validation

means that Dev/Test, QA and performance testing can be launched without disrupting replication

On Demand AMI Creation
On Demand
AMI Creation

supports transition to production

Cloud Network Customization
Cloud Network

3 highly automated options for remapping your network in the cloud

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