Rajeev Chawla

Welcome, and an Introduction

Posted on December 12, 2012

I am very excited to publicly announce the beta of our products after more than 18 months of stealth development as Denali Systems. CloudVelox is the industry’s first open hybrid cloud platform that enables existing and new Linux and Windows multi-tier applications to run in a public cloud without modification, automatically extending the data center to the cloud so that applications can access any necessary services resident in enterprise data centers as needed.

My co-founders and I were inspired when we tried to use AWS cloud as a failover site for a multi-server application running in a “humble” data center (a colo facility). We realized that cloning systems into AWS cloud and keeping them synchronized was a difficult and labor intensive process. The AWS cloud has very different storage, networking and security models and it required a fair amount of learning on our part to create the data center environment in AWS. Running existing applications there then required extensive manual configuration, provisioning, and a series of complicated and time-consuming processes. We felt that enterprises of all sizes must face the very same problem and then embarked on a journey to validate this by talking with a number of potential customers. The result is a software platform that simplifies and automates the process of bringing existing multi-system applications into the cloud, and securely extending the data center transparently into the public cloud.

I want to thank the early customers for deploying and running initial versions of the product and for their excellent suggestions and feedback. Today, we are making our software available to everyone to try for free. We would love to hear from you.