Cloud Migration, Cloud Cloning and Disaster Recovery

The Hybrid Cloud begins with CloudVelox OHC™ Software

Critical deployment and operations processes are conducted via a very simple interface powered by drag and drop menus. Apps can be seamlessly deployed across cloud revions with mouse clicks. CloudVelox solutions are driven by unique and patent-pending One Hybrid Cloud™ (OHC) software, which enables the seamless deployment and operation of multi-tier application clusters and related services into and between public clouds. Unlike many cloud deployment solutions, virtualization is not required for deploying multi-tier apps and services into the public cloud. Critical hybrid cloud deployment and operation processes are easily and safely managed with drag and drop menus and buttons, the most efficient and safest method for running complex distributed clusters and services without modification in public clouds.

Cloud Cloning: Extend Your Lab Into Public Clouds

The CloudVelox Cloud Cloning solution allows you to completely replicate multi-tier application clusters and their related services into the cloud, allowing you to leverage the public clouds for rigorous development and testing, patching and other critical tasks. This solution can create a replica/clone typically in minutes, depending upon factors like network bandwidth and application infrastructure complexity. For DevTest and operations pros, the CloudVelox Cloud Cloning solution clones apps and services into the public cloud. That allows you to test critical patches in an environment that is virtually identical to your data center. Everything is continuously synchronized and a clone can be created at any time and multiple can exist at the same time.

Cloud Migration and Integration

You may elect to leverage public clouds completely for some existing applications. After applications and services are cloned into the public cloud and thoroughly tested, you can change DNS to point to the application running in the public cloud, including as an extension of your data centers or colocation facilities, leveraging the cloud for enhanced availability as well as reduced capital and operating expenses.

Disaster Recovery: Use Public Clouds as Secondary Data Centers for High Availability

The CloudVelox Disaster Recovery solution allows you to leverage one or multiple public cloud operating environments as a part of a holistic disaster recovery program. You can deploy your distributed application clusters and services into multiple clouds to augment existing data center services and balance into and from geographically dispersed clouds within minutes and within established recovery point (RPO) and recovery time (RTO) objectives. Your cloud operating environments can be continuously synchronized, including with databases within your data center that you prefer to keep on premise. You can even failback to your physical infrastructure within the data center, as well as establish failover between AWS regions and options for instant database recovery.

The Power of Cloud DR

“No one is buying cloud backup anymore. The future is cloud DR and other value add use cases….”

— ​Ashar Baig, GigaOm

Fortune 1000 leader deploys entire Oracle ecommerce stack in AWS in 7 Days for DR and DevTest

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