Accelerate To The Cloud
With One Hybrid Cloud™ Software

    Our Cloud Automation and Orchestration Solution

  • Automated Cloud Recovery, Cloud Migration and Cloud Dev/Test for existing workloads in the most complex data center environments
  • Securely migrate and run your workloads in the cloud without cumbersome tasks and manual scripts
  • Replace your expensive and high-maintenance DR with cloud recovery for cost savings and enhanced RPOs/RTOs
  • Speed up Dev/Test by replicating multiple environments in the cloud with minimal effort
  • Accelerate to the cloud with confidence – no specialized cloud skills required

Cloud DR

Use laaS storage volumes in AWS as a secondary data center that can be easily ignited into production for disaster recovery or testing. The result is reduced DR costs, increased agility, and extended protection.

The Economics of Cloud DR

Graphic showing cost savings from hybrid cloud solutions which clone application and services
  • no calendarsNo long term commitment
  • no forecastNo risky capacity planning
  • dialUsage-based costs
  • globeGeographic locality control
  • no racksNo upfront capital investment
  • time bombExtended protection to important apps

Case Studies

Screenshot of Clone Oracle Case Study
Fortune 600 Company
  • Reduced costs and enhanced agility
Screenshot of City of Asheville Case Study
City of Asheville, NC
  • Extended protection and increased agility
Impinj Reduced DR Costs While Increasing Trust
  • Reduced DR costs while increasing trust

Watch the Webinar

Webinar screenshot - What we'll cover: disaster recovery on AWS, demo of how CloudVelox automates critical processes for physical and virtual app environments, Case Study: the impact of automation on DR deployment for the City of Asheville, NC, and Q&A
Find out how a CloudVelox customer won the Amazon AWS City on a Cloud Grand Prize.

Cloud Migration

Robust integration between the One Hybrid Cloud(TM) platform and AWS APIs significantly reduces onboarding processes and risks. Entire app environments, including configs and data sets are duplicated into laaS for cloud migration.
Graphic showing the steps involved in hybrid cloud solutions: discovery, blueprinting, provisioning, synchronization, service initiation

Case Studies

Screenshot of Case Study, with the header CloudVelox Cuts Total Migration Time by 66%
QL2 Software
  • CloudVelox Cuts Total Migration Time by 66%
Flamingo Software Case Study: Migrating to AWS in Under 9 Days
Flamingo Software
  • Migrates Workloads into AWS over Two Weekends

Cloud Dev/Test and Dev/Ops

Graphic showing an SAP setup with AWS and a customer data center
Once an environment is migrated into the cloud it can be instantly duplicated for quick setup of new labs that can be dedicated to individuals or teams and/or easily closed down when not needed. The example above shows SAP lab easily created on AWS.

Case Studies

Screenshot of SAP Business Apps in AWS Deployment Report
SAP Deployment Report
“The deployment increased agility and control, as an IT team would be able to work faster and more efficiently, without being constrained by hardware-bound processes and expenses.”