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Oracle Ecommerce Stack Deployed in Hybrid Cloud with AWS in 7 Days

Posted on February 27, 2014

Netflix is a brilliant example of the use of APIs for public cloud excellence, yet that level of integration comes at a cost (lock-in).  Hybrid cloud platforms need to think in terms of sweet spots when it comes to API integration. That is, they need to integrate with as many as possible without getting locked in to specialized capabilities that are not transportable.

CloudVelox has taken a unique approach to tight integration with the API sweet spot; enough to support the agility of physical and virtual apps, including multi-tier environments and data bases.  The result is a massive increase in automation and agility for hybrid clouds. Critical storage, networking, app and infrastructure processes are automated via APIs, resulting in massive increases in agility and operating efficiency for production and Dev/Test use cases.

See, for example the following case study featuring a Fortune 1000 company that was able to deploy an entire Oracle ecommerce stack in AWS (5+ TB) in less than a week.  This was done as a proof of concept by CloudVelox. After completion the PoC was left on because AWS turned out to be a better dev environment than the (on premise) private cloud DevTest lab.

Without CloudVelox’s One Hybrid Cloud ™ software, such a project might have easily taken six months, with perhaps 20% of the effort automated through software, the rest by manual processes.  CloudVelox, on the other hand, automated about 80% of the required processes, reducing the deployment time and expense by more than 80%.


If you would like more information about how you can build a multi-tier, production-grade hybrid cloud in less than 7 days contact us and we will send you the complete case study.  We might even offer you a similar PoC.  Note: We are in the process of getting permission from the company (to mention them by name). They are in the Fortune 1000.