Hybrid Cloud Watch


A couple of weeks ago NetworkWorld predicted that 2013 would be The Year of the Hybrid Cloud. A couple weeks earlier IDC discovered a hybrid cloud trend in their research, according to Cloud Ecosystem:

“IDC discovered that as many as 40 percent of the enterprises using the cloud are already using a hybrid mix of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises solutions to meet their increasingly complex IT needs. This mirrors a trend we have been writing about at least as far back as June.”
- Rodney Brown, Cloud Ecosystem, Nov 14, 2012

Last week GigaOm predicted that there will be plenty of interest in 2013 regarding running enterprise apps in the cloud (the hybrid model):

“Any company that can successfully make the public cloud a safe and secure repository for even regulated applications will be able to print money.”
- Barb Darrow & Stacey Higginbothamm, GigaOm, Dec 14 2012

In Two Weeks in Vegas I discussed the striking contrast between the back-to-back Amazon AWS re:Invent public cloud conference and the Gartner Data Center Conference, both at the Venetian in Las Vegas. While Amazon was driving public cloud interest to new heights, Gartner was busy the following week advocating the power of the hybrid cloud. In all likelihood, public and hybrid may come to mean the same thing over time, as solutions evolve to support more robust hybrid cloud operating models and the manual process barriers between public and private are automated.