How It Works

CloudVelox automates the time-consuming and risk-laden critical processes required to deploy existing applications from traditional data centers into and between public clouds. The following steps describe the Gallium Edition:

How It Works

Step 1: Download and install our software on the servers which make up the application (the Titanium Edition discovers the servers, so you don’t need to do it there)

Step 2: Our software creates a blueprint of the servers and starts replicating OS, binaries, libraries, app stacks, and application data in the cloud.

Step 3: At the click of a button, you are ready to provision and launch your multi-tier application (made up of a group of systems) in the cloud. CloudVelox extends the enterprise data center to the Cloud so that these distributed multi-tier applications now running in the cloud can access any necessary services residing back in the enterprise.

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“The CloudVelox platform was a game changer.”

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