Why We Created CloudVelox

In 2010, public clouds were not seen as beneficial to the complex and diverse enterprise workloads running in data centers. Taking these workloads into the public clouds seemed impractical, if not impossible. Our team, consisting of some of the leading experts in operating systems, storage, virtualization, networking and security were exposed to the depth of the challenges and risks facing enterprises deploying these complex workloads. We decided to do something about them. CloudVelox was born.

Our vision

Imagine a world, where a developer or IT pro can choose what type of compute, storage, network or security resource they wish to use. What varies is performance, cost, security, compliance and scale.

Now imagine being able to provision and orchestrate these resources from your own data center or a selection of public clouds. And imagine that you can easily move these workloads from one location or cloud to another based on advances in performance, cost, security, compliance or scale.

That’s what we set out to do. A flexible platform to securely and easily move and protect workloads based on policy.

Awards and Recognition

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