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    3 Reasons Your Cloud Migration Project Will Fail
    8/14/2015Greg Ness

    When we launched our GA release in 2013 we spoke with dozens of analysts, pundits and prospects about automated cloud migration and hybrid cloud as a new operating model.  In those early days few believed that automated cloud migration was possible.  Some of our first customers even confessed their initial disbelief, before a proof of … Continued

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    Disaster Recovery is Broken- But Don’t Blame IT
    7/24/2015Greg Ness

    We just completed a survey of 343 IT execs responsible for disaster recovery (DR), and the findings are not encouraging. The survey shows serious gaps in DR protection at most firms.  The leading causes of the gaps: 1) limited internal resources; and 2) process complexity.  One thing that is clear from the results is that … Continued

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    Will the Cloud Destroy IT Careers?
    7/7/2015Greg Ness

    More than a decade ago Nicholas Carr wrote Does IT Matter, a provocative book that shocked many CIOs because of its dire predictions for the future of IT.  Per Carr, IT would mature and decision drivers would shift from innovation (a growth focus) to cost control (maturity and commoditization).  Here is a synopsis from the … Continued

  • Vasu Subbiah of Cloud Velox
    Supercharge your Disaster Recovery in a Hyper-Scale Cloud
    6/15/2015Vasu Subbiah

    Hyper Scale Cloud is often associated with lowering the cost and increasing agility for organizations adopting new services/technology. This is true even for Disaster Recovery (DR). Why supercharge disaster recovery in a Hyper Scale Cloud?  There are 4 key benefits: Shift from CAPEX to an OPEX model This is a key factor from a Line … Continued

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    Why the Cloud will Crush Traditional Disaster Recovery
    5/28/2015Greg Ness

    We’ve recently shared statistics showing the accelerating growth of hybrid cloud.  You can review the statistics at The Hybrid Cloud is Coming of Age. Following are two recent interviews where I discuss cloud DR more specifically (as a hybrid cloud use case) as well as how CloudVelox addresses complex legacy app environments with both physical … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Hybrid Cloud Is Coming of Age… for Disaster Recovery
    4/24/2015Greg Ness

    2015 should prove to be a pivotal year for enterprise cloud adoption, thanks to a series of critical developments, including accelerating interest in the hybrid cloud.  High Growth for Hybrid Cloud Numerous reports and surveys (previously reported in Archimedius) predict high growth for the hybrid cloud market: Research and Markets just published a report predicting … Continued

  • Hybrid Cloud Gaining Traction: Recent Survey Results
    4/21/2015Greg Ness

    Research and Markets just published a report predicting that “the hybrid cloud market is expected to grow from $25.28 billion in 2014 to $84.67 billion by 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.3% from 2014 to 2019.” A recent study by Peer 1 Hosting has hybrid cloud adoption tripling by 2018. In … Continued

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    CloudVelox Selected as Finalist for 2015 Best of Interop Award

    Santa Clara, CA – April 16, 2015 – CloudVelox, a leader in hybrid cloud disaster recovery (DR) and migration, today announced its Pilot Light DR was selected as a finalist for Interop Las Vegas’ 2015 Best of Interop Awards in the Cloud and Virtualization category for advancing business technology. The Best of Interop Awards recognize … Continued

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    CloudVelox Helps MyPoints to Deploy Disaster Recovery on the Amazon Web Services Cloud

    Results in Reduced Costs by 50 Percent, Improved Service Level Agreement Response Times and More Frequent Testing of the Environment Santa Clara, CA – April 14, 2014 – CloudVelox today announced that, Inc., a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. (NASDAQ: UNTD), deployed its One Hybrid Cloud™ software to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) for … Continued

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    Gartner Webinar on Reducing DR Costs and Increasing Test and Trust
    3/20/2015Greg Ness

    A Different Kind of Webinar We decided to bring together experts from Gartner, AWS, CloudVelox and cloud DR leader MyPoints for an in-depth and highly informative webinar that would give its viewers a competitive advantage when it comes to disaster recovery and IaaS. The result is one of the most informative webinars you might ever … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud DR: Lunch with Impinj
    3/6/2015Greg Ness

    I was in Seattle for a couple days this week for meetings and had a chance to catch lunch at Agrodolce (a great local restaurant in Fremont) with Impinj IT leader Morgan Van Wely. As I enjoyed fresh olives from Sicily Morgan talked about the Cloud DR payoff, which was primarily trust and cost savings. … Continued

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  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Accomplishing the Impossible
    2/23/2015Greg Ness

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Another Cloud Excellence Award for CloudVelox Customer Asheville, NC
    2/17/2015Greg Ness

    Jonathan Feldman (City of Asheville) and Rajeev Chawla accepting CIO Impact and Vendor awards for cloud computing excellence at Frost and Sullivan awards banquet. Cloud DR reduced costs and increased trust in the city’s DR environment. Read more in the Asheville press.

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud DR: The Trust Factor is Paramount
    2/7/2015Greg Ness

    Cloud DR is turning out to be as much about trust as it is about cost savings. A few weeks ago I had an email exchange with an exec at a semiconductor company that had just deployed Cloud DR on AWS, replacing a dedicated facility in another state.  As I asked him about the project … Continued

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    One of the Best CIO Quotes on Disaster Recovery
    1/29/2015Greg Ness

    How did Asheville’s CIO come to this conclusion? Read about it here.   Read more about the state of disaster recovery from a recent survey here. “The CIO Impact Awards Judges had high praise for the City of Asheville’s innovative decision to using a cloud-based platform to create a robust, geographically-dispersed disaster recovery environment that did not … Continued

  • Vasu Subbiah of Cloud Velox
    Budget Crunch and IT costs for DR
    1/29/2015Vasu Subbiah

    It does not take a genius to figure out that a lot of cities (and towns and counties) in US are still in the process of recovering from the financial collapse of 2008. Revenue to the city is impacted by property value and also by the opportunity that a city creates for businesses and residents … Continued

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    ScaleArc’s 78 Second Video Case Study
    12/7/2014Greg Ness

    It was great to visit ScaleArc after their first year with our One Hybrid Cloud™ software platform and talk to VP of Operations Bobby Brown.  Click on the image below to catch the highlights. Recommended Reading A Public Sector Cloud Leader – find out how the City of Asheville won Amazon’s City on a Cloud … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Agility Race – Implications for CIOs
    11/21/2014Greg Ness

    Last week as I was writing Amazon Declares War on VMware, VMware was preparing to announce the acquisition of a pro services team to aid in cloud migration (see coverage in CRN): VMware Acquires Professional Services Firm To Boost Cloud Migration, DevOps Expertise. You can get my thoughts on Amazon’s frontal assault on VMware and … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud Agility in Action
    11/21/2014Greg Ness

    Want to see how fast a workload can move from a third party data center into AWS?  Check out this just posted 16+ minute hybrid cloud automation demo by CloudVelox CTO Anand Iyengar. Also on YouTube: an AWS Advanced Strategies for Disaster Recovery featuring City on a Cloud Best Practices Winner Asheville, NC. Then there … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud Migration: Three Questions to ask your Partner (and why they matter)
    11/7/2014Greg Ness

    The overall theme in a recent series of cloud predictions is the importance of cloud migration software and automation in the great cloud race of 2015. The power of your software could have a significant impact on your migration costs and timeframe. So we offer the top three questions to ask before you pick your … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud Migration in 2015: Think Workloads, Not Images or Servers
    11/6/2014Greg Ness

    The overall theme in a recent series of cloud predictions is the importance of cloud migration software and automation to the great cloud race of 2015. The degree of cloud migration automation will have a material impact on the rate of adoption of cloud services as service providers compete for traditional physical and virtual enterprise … Continued

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    re:Invent Booth 1242: Enter to Win Drone Aircraft
    11/5/2014Greg Ness

    See you there!

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    2015: A Cloud Odyssey
    10/24/2014Greg Ness

      This is the third in a series of cloud predictions for 2015, starting with When the Walls Come Down, which predicted that workload migration (into the cloud) costs would drop by more than 50% in 2015; then continuing with The Cloud Startup Ecosystem Explosion, which predicted the impact that cloud market share gains in … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cloud in 2015: When the Walls Come Down
    10/23/2014Greg Ness

    Before we see a rush of 2015 predictions let me offer up an unspoken 900 pound gorilla: In 2015 the perceived costs of cloud migration for existing production apps will drop by more than 50%; it will trigger a massive (and fast) market share battle unleashed by unprecedented automation. Why this will happen: — A … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cloud in 2015: The Cloud Startup Ecosystem Explosion
    10/23/2014Greg Ness

    This is a followup blog that is part of a series of 2015 cloud predictions.  The first one, entitled When the Walls Come Down, had the following as the central thesis: In 2015 the perceived costs of cloud migration for existing production apps will drop by more than 50%; it will trigger a massive (and … Continued

  • Vasu Subbiah of Cloud Velox
    CloudVelox and Data Security – Technical Note
    10/4/2014Vasu Subbiah

    How does CloudVelox secure the data? Customer data security is at the heart of every thing CloudVelox does and we are always focused on ensuring that we apply best practices to protect customer data in every use case we address – all the way from migration, disaster recovery, stretching/bursting and extending the cloud to function … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Wheels Up Free Trial Now Live
    10/1/2014Greg Ness

    Today we launched Wheels Up, a 30 day free trial program for state and local governments and academia.  The program honors the AWS City on a Cloud best practices Grand Prize win by the city of Asheville, NC. Wheels Up includes a complete bundle of software and services, including automated discovery, blueprinting and snapshotting with … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The City of Asheville: A Public Sector Cloud Leader
    9/29/2014Greg Ness

    Over the summer Asheville, NC won the AWS City on a Cloud best practices Grand Prize for using CloudVelox software to enhance disaster recovery protection with AWS. As a fitting tribute, we’ve collected some of the best sources of information on why Asheville won, what the team learned along the way, and how you could … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Video Interview: Explaining CloudVelox plus Who Will Win the Cloud (IaaS) War
    9/8/2014Greg Ness

    It was great catching up with Brian at VMworld, even if it was in the Tea Garden. This quick video clip discusses who will win the cloud wars and how CloudVelox differentiates from a dozen or so early cloud migration and DR tools. Tea Garden Talks – CloudVelox from VMblog on Vimeo.

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Guide Now Available – Cloud DR on AWS: Best Practices
    9/4/2014Greg Ness

    We just finished our first pocket guide on Cloud DR, entitled Cloud DR on AWS: Best Practices. If you are tracking Cloud DR and the various drivers, key terms, etc. you might want to check it out. You can get it here without having to register. You can also view the Cloud DR Infographic for … Continued

  • Vasu Subbiah of Cloud Velox
    Towards Better Things
    8/22/2014Vasu Subbiah

    It’s exciting to be in a startup again. Things move fast… very fast. Quick intro … joined CloudVelox a week ago from Sungard Availability Services where I managed the market leading Recover2Cloud Services. So the obvious question is why CloudVelox and why are we different? In the era of Cloud-based services … automation is critical … Continued

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    The Power of Cloud DR

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud DR Momentum is Building
    8/4/2014Greg Ness

    We have had a busy month in July, thanks to two outstanding Amazon AWS events and a CloudVelox customer (the City of Asheville, NC) winning the grand prize in the AWS City on a Cloud competition. Oh yes, there were also a couple of awards received in July: 1) AlwaysOn named CloudVelox as a global … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Catching Up From the Airport: AWS and the Perils of “BoxThink”
    6/26/2014Greg Ness

    The next five years ought to be challenging for infrastructure appliance vendors, especially those who see their future “in the box.” We just wrapped up at the AWS Public Sector Summit, held in Washington, DC. An ecosystem of about 3000 attended the 3 day event. Massively disruptive software companies are springing up throughout the AWS … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    How the Hybrid Cloud War Will Be Won
    6/12/2014Greg Ness

    When Amazon AWS announced its hybrid cloud console it set the stage for an all-out hybrid cloud war between a handful of companies, including VMware and Microsoft.  The first losers in the war will likely be a third of all service providers; those who are too small, too manual and too locked into the dying … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    It is Time to Discuss Cross-Region Failover on AWS
    5/28/2014Anand Iyengar

    An effective and testable fail over environment is a key requirement for most business critical production apps, including those running on Amazon’s AWS cloud.  As production apps are increasingly deployed on AWS cross-region failover becomes of paramount importance. It can also be a more viable form of disaster recovery than traditional solutions when the secondary … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud DR Resources
    5/13/2014Greg Ness

    Cloud DR (or cloud-enabled DR) is a powerful vortex now taking shape as organizations seek more agility and cost savings. If you are interested in tracking Cloud DR, check out these informative and just-released resources:   1) AWS Advanced Strategies in Disaster Recovery webinar on YouTube (just posted- already with 150+ views). Contact me for … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    City of Asheville Reaches New Heights in DR Protection
    5/5/2014Greg Ness

    Last week I got to spend two incredible days in picturesque Asheville, NC thanks to the recent Amazon webinar on Advanced Strategies for Disaster Recovery on AWS.  Asheville CIO Jonathan Feldman was a key participant and the likely reason that virtually all 250+ live attendees stayed through until the very end. Here is my “mug … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    AWS Cloud DR Webinar Now Viewable
    5/2/2014Greg Ness

    You can now view the AWS Cloud DR webinar on demand. If you would like the side deck simply email me at . What you’ll learn: • Business impacts of leveraging the cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery, including increased agility and cost reduction • Critical role of automation in establishing and operating … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Top Six Cloud DR Benefits
    4/25/2014Greg Ness

    Most agree that the hybrid cloud is powerful, especially if you are talking about enhanced agility between the premise and IaaS. When you add agility to hybrid cloud you get powerful new operating models, including Cloud DR or pilot light DR on IaaS.  While cloud DR is essentially using the cloud as a secondary data … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud DR “Pilot Light” is Powerful
    4/16/2014Greg Ness

    Earlier this month I had the chance to talk directly with CloudVelox customers who are leveraging AWS for cloud DR.  It is a very interesting and powerful use case. They are using AWS as a kind of pilot light for a multi-tier app environment -including a cloned database stack- in AWS storage being kept up … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    Webinar: Advanced Strategies for Leveraging AWS for Disaster Recovery

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides powerful APIs and services that enable AWS to be used for production use cases, including “pay as you go” disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud. In this webinar you’ll learn about, and see how, CloudVelox automates processes to leverage these APIs for entire app environments, from the OS to configurations, … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Future in Review Panel: New IT Operating Models
    3/11/2014Greg Ness

    I’m very excited about moderating the upcoming Future in Review panel entitled “Cloud: New Operating Models for Business Transformation”.  It will be held on May 21 at 2PM at the Montage Laguna Beach. Panelists so far include: David Nelson, Chief Cloud Architect at Boeing; Dave Campbell, CTO for Cloud and Enterprise Business Group at Microsoft; … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    Container Limitations for Production Workloads
    3/3/2014Anand Iyengar

    Some cloud migration tools offer the ability to put your application into a “container” to upload it to the cloud, generally for one system at a time.  This often involves shutting down the application running on the system, and packing it along with its application data and the libraries that it depends on, for upload … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Oracle Ecommerce Stack Deployed in Hybrid Cloud with AWS in 7 Days
    2/27/2014Greg Ness

    Netflix is a brilliant example of the use of APIs for public cloud excellence, yet that level of integration comes at a cost (lock-in).  Hybrid cloud platforms need to think in terms of sweet spots when it comes to API integration. That is, they need to integrate with as many as possible without getting locked … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cloud as a New Operating Model
    2/12/2014Greg Ness

    Most of the early uses of cloud IaaS were for small and medium–sized businesses and tactical Dev/Test environments. For enterprises the cloud as a critical environment for production apps was a pipe dream.  The hybrid cloud will change all of that this year as Microsoft (MSFT) and VMware (VMW) enter the IaaS scene and Amazon … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Hybrid Cloud will enhance IT Agility
    1/31/2014Greg Ness

    It is very easy to see the cloud revolution as a loss of agility and control for the enterprise, especially for the IT department. The argument goes like this: I’ll be locked in to the service provider just like I am to other vendors and third party data center operators – because the cost of … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    Top Blogs for 2013

    As our tribute to 2013 and the emergence of hybrid clouds, we offer the following top five blogs based on views and inbound links.  Thanks again for following our thoughts and suggestions of hybrid cloud deployment. 1) The Hybrid Cloud is an Integrated Cloud (October) was our top blog post for 2013, probably because it … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Next Hybrid Cloud Battle
    1/21/2014Greg Ness

    As Amazon, Microsoft and VMware engage in the first battles of the multi-billion dollar hybrid cloud war, you can expect to see a fundamental shift in strategy as the public cloud matures and becomes more enterprise-centric. This should drive at least two major developments over the next 24-36 months, corresponding to rapidly evolving enterprise IT … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Thinking Beyond the Rack
    1/2/2014Greg Ness

    Most remember the medieval torture device called the rack, where increasing pressures would generate increasing pain and the threat of dismemberment in order to extract knowledge or confessions or wealth from the subject. Perhaps the medieval rack is also the origination of the term racketeer. In a few years the premise-bound hardware rack may acquire … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The End of Premise-bound IT
    12/19/2013Greg Ness

    2014 should mark the year of the hybrid cloud and the final IT graduation from the mainframe basements and garage-driven innovations that have fueled more than four decades of innovation.  The cloud promises to decouple IT and tech vendors from the server and the rack to a cloud of APIs and services that can be … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    What’s on 2014 Holiday Wish Lists? For Most Companies, it’s a Robust BC/DR Plan

    There are so many items and ideologies that can make it on to a company’s holiday wish list, from a more robust VoIP platform to a more fully baked marketing strategy. But one concept quickly making its way to the top of the list is a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Specifically, as … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    With a New Year Ahead, Disaster Recovery in the Cloud on the Radar of SMBs and Enterprises

    On the consumer side, individuals might be eyeing the latest tablets, clothing apparel and vacation destinations to ring in the holiday season. But on the corporate side, businesses of all shapes and sizes have one central technology on their minds as we head into 2014: disaster recovery in the cloud. In fact, as revealed in … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    QL2 Software: Accelerating AWS ROI
    11/25/2013Greg Ness

    Earlier this week we had the chance to talk to QL2 Operations Director Samir Bhakta and share with him feedback from several AWS execs on his QL2 cloud migration case study.  According to them, it signaled the first known highly automated migration of a complete 50+ server environment into AWS.  The benefits were easy to … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    Three Tips to Building a Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

    When it comes to launching your brand new solution, the process—and meticulously executed steps—have probably become so ingrained in your company that they are habitual: conceptualize, strategize, create and distribute. But just as you agonize and debate every piece of verbiage in that press release, you need to demonstrate that same TLC with your disaster … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Microsoft Ascends into the Hybrid Cloud
    11/11/2013Greg Ness

    With Microsoft and VMware entering the hybrid cloud battlefield, and the Amazon AWS steam engine continuing to convert more static racks into dynamic services, enterprises are poised to shift massive investments in data center infrastructure purchases into cloud services in the coming years. At least that’s the prediction being made by several respected analysts, including … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    An Answer to the Cloud Risk Question
    11/6/2013Greg Ness

    As predicted in 2012, hybrid cloud has now entered the hype cycle, with highly respected analysts and vendors making bold predictions that last year might have been considered provocative.  As enterprise IT shifts from hardware-centric to software-centric infrastructure, billions if not trillions of enterprise tech investments will likely shift from specialized hardware (and the resulting … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    Hybrid Cloud Steps into the Limelight
    11/5/2013Rajeev Chawla

    Those of us who have been following IT for a while are used to hearing bold predictions about how this is the year of the PC, the LAN, the cloud, mobility, etc., et al. These predictions have not always been spot-on, but they have frequently portended significant changes for IT shops and end users. Most … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    Cloud Migration: Marrying Agility with Control

    There is no disputing the benefits that come with migrating your applications and core business functions to the cloud. In fact, there are a myriad of advantages that cloud presents such as cost savings, enhanced functionality and improved security. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 91 percent of IT decision-makers have a positive opinion … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Using the Cloud for Production Applications
    10/18/2013Greg Ness

    Some businesses are blindly diving into cloud services, hoping for productivity gains, yet experiencing less than optimum agility, especially for production use cases. Nevertheless, past challenges should not be a deterrent into looking at everything the cloud has to offer today. After all, during the last 18 months we’ve seen a series of important developments … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Why 2014 will be the Year of the Hybrid Cloud
    10/17/2013Greg Ness

    I’ve written several hybrid cloud articles over the last two months, based on interviews with a variety of tech analysts and executives. See, for example Microsoft and the 2014 Hybrid Cloud Showdown, Microsoft, VMware and the Year of the Hybrid Cloud and The Top Three Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Deployment. One of the common themes … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    CloudVelox Fall 2013 Update

    We have plenty of news and new website content for our third quarterly (fall) update for 2013: 1) CloudVelox was honored by three different publications since our July GA announcement. Check out: CRN’s list of Ten Hot Technology Startups; VentureBeat’s Top Ten Innovative Cloud Startups at CloudBeat; and TechCrunch’s Ten Startups in the VMware Universe … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Top Three Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Deployment
    10/14/2013Greg Ness

    Companies all across the globe are starting to view the hybrid cloud as a transformative operating model—a real game-changer that presents a wealth of opportunities to businesses. And it seems the medium- to large-businesses are well aware of these advantages as research from Virtustream reports that organizations with more than 1,000 employees are 46 percent … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cold Hard Truth about Downtime
    10/10/2013Greg Ness

    The “not me” mentality when it comes to downtime is seemingly ubiquitous across businesses of all sizes and verticals. In fact, just last year, nCircle found that nearly 90 percent of small- to medium-sized businesses had inadequate or outdated disaster recovery plans in place. Moreover, CRN reported that just 41 percent of U.S. businesses are … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Hybrid Cloud is an Integrated Cloud
    10/3/2013Greg Ness

    As the public cloud evolves to address more enterprise IT operating requirements it will have to evolve into being a strategic part of a hybrid cloud operating model.  Enterprises will demand agility and control for the vast majority of their critical apps, and that is where the cloud opportunity is greatest. The ability to leverage … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Sick of Downtime? Cast an Eye toward Cloud Disaster Recovery
    10/1/2013Greg Ness

    Simply put, today’s businesses can’t afford a single bout of downtime—not even for a minute. After all, 87 percent of companies that lose access to their corporate data for just seven days are likely to go out of business within a year, according to an infographic distributed by SDN Communications. Moreover, 80 percent of companies … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    QL2 and the Case for Migration to AWS with CloudVelox
    9/25/2013Greg Ness

    One of the most powerful use cases for AWS over traditional co-location is for increased agility, especially when it comes to production apps with unpredictable workloads.  Rather than racking up colocation capacity for occasional usage spikes, QL2 Software discovered Amazon AWS and their powerful “pay as you go” IaaS model.  It has made all the … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    CloudVelox and the Hybrid Cloud: Coverage Highlights
    9/16/2013Greg Ness

    We’ve had a busy summer with our funding and general availability announcements. You can get caught up on all of our recent hybrid cloud coverage at the CloudVelox press room.  Otherwise you can scan through these briefs in five minutes or less: 10 Startups in the VMware Universe worth Tracking (TechCrunch) CloudVelox makes the cloud … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud: Two Competing Models
    9/13/2013Greg Ness

    (The following is an article which recently appeared in VentureBeat.) Since hybrid cloud has already been declared victorious the next and perhaps even more relevant topic becomes a discussion of whose hybrid cloud will win.  Before you answer with the expected VMware, Azure, AWS or Rackspace as a potential winner, think again. The winner may … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cloud versus Colocation: Who Will Win?
    8/21/2013Greg Ness

    A very powerful chart came out today thanks to Gartner, comparing the sheer spend (cumulative cloud investment) on cloud infrastructure by the cloud leaders.  You can view the chart courtesy of The Register here. I’ll summarize it for you: Google, Microsoft and Amazon are outspending everyone else by a wide margin.  Rackspace spending is in … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Has Hybrid Cloud Already Won?
    8/15/2013Greg Ness

    Enterprises are still dabbling in the cloud, and actively observing emerging cloud offering battles as megawatts of low cost and energy efficient cloud capacity comes online.  Apps running in the cloud constitute perhaps 4% of all enterprise production apps, despite the obvious benefits. Yet a Rackspace survey announced today suggests that hybrid has won the … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Top Ten CloudVelox Blogs
    8/12/2013Greg Ness

    If you don’t have time to read all of the CloudVelox blogs, you can read the top ten based on website visitor popularity: The Power of Hybrid Cloud Deployment – January 17 Cloud Migration is Bigger than Image Portability – July 9 The Cloud’s Next Killer Apps – March 4 Hybrid Cloud Requirements – December … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    How Deep is Your Cloud (Strategy)?
    8/6/2013Greg Ness

    As the cloud and the promise of an It revolution continues its ascent into the boardroom, there are two important questions that tend to get lost in the mist: 1.) What percentage of enterprise apps are (and will be) deployed in the cloud? 2.) How will these apps be migrated into the cloud? The first … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Cloud Migration Matters
    7/15/2013Greg Ness

    A few days ago CloudVelox CTO Anand Iyengar posted a blog on why cloud migration is very different than image migration. In Cloud Migration is Bigger than Image Portability he talks about 12 critical hybrid cloud elements that frequently go missing when a complete app and service is migrated into the cloud. He then talks … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    Cloud Migration is Bigger than Image Portability
    7/9/2013Anand Iyengar

    Perhaps a dozen tools have sprung up over the last ten years that allow images of apps to be migrated across data centers and now clouds. While most are well designed, thoughtful and practical for some hybrid cloud use cases, they still do not constitute cloud migration solutions for the vast majority of existing, multi-tier … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Hybrid Cloud is About Choice and Agility
    5/28/2013Greg Ness

    Last week I attended the Fire 2012 panel on hybrid cloud with Yousef Khalidi, David Nelson, Simon Aspinall and David Shacochis. Our conclusion: hybrid cloud will win over other cloud operating models because it will offer enterprises increased choice and agility. Ultimately the lines will be blurred between cloud operating models because of enhanced service … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Fire Panel Tomorrow on Hybrid Cloud
    5/22/2013Greg Ness

    As I listen to the spectacular panels on big data and the revolution in data visualization tools at Future In Review it occurs to me that perhaps IT has become a kind of impediment to where business (and science) needs to go. The very systems that have evolved to bring us to where we are … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    CloudVelox Named Red Herring Top 100 Finalist
    5/21/2013Rajeev Chawla

    Last week CloudVelox was recognized as a TiEcon 2013 Lightning Round Winner in the Software Defined Infrastructure category. This week I have the pleasure to announce CloudVelox as a Red Herring Top 100 Finalist for North America. I’ll be speaking at Red Herring Americas event later this week. This is the second award win in … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Pretenders and Contenders in the Hybrid Cloud
    5/20/2013Greg Ness

    My hybrid cloud news ticker is starting to go off every day with yet another “hybrid cloud” announcement. How many of them are really about seamless integration of data centers and clouds? That remains to be seen. I haven’t seen any that include hybrid cloud services integration (Active Directory, LDAP, authentication, etc.) as part of … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    Hybrid Cloud Services: The Final Frontier
    5/17/2013Rajeev Chawla

    Today’s cloud migration solutions are, for the most part, pretenders. Beyond virtualized workloads and small physical and virtualized apps they don’t properly support production workloads in the cloud. Most of the apps are small apps that have been virtualized and migrated into just another form of isolation, this time on a public cloud. An entire … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    CloudVelox Named TiEcon 2013 Lightning Round Winner for Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)
    5/16/2013Rajeev Chawla

    CloudVelox is happy to be selected as a TiEcon 2013 Lightning Round Winner in the Software Defined Infrastructure category. We’re in great company with others, each of whom has also been recognized for their leadership and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players. Here is the TiEcon 2013 … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Hybrid Cloud Will Transform Disaster Recovery
    5/14/2013Greg Ness

    Enterprises spend billions every year maintaining (and powering) duplicate racks and even entire data centers, solely for occasional potential use (in the event of an unforeseen outage or disaster). Required by law in many cases, it is probably one of the largest IT investments with among the lowest returns on investment. The money invested in … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Hybrid Cloud Is the Most Agile and Resilient Cloud
    5/6/2013Greg Ness

    There are plenty of flavors of hybrid cloud circulating today in the blogosphere. Some vendors have advocated a hybrid cloud vision which is hardly visionary. For them, a hybrid cloud is merely two separate clouds managed by a single organization, perhaps with some minimal application portability between them or even SaaS being delivered via a … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    The Hybrid Cloud is Ideal for Disaster Recovery
    4/29/2013Anand Iyengar

    In “Hybrid Cloud Will Transform Disaster Recovery”, Greg Ness, my colleague at CloudVelox, discusses using the cloud for Disaster Recovery and its benefits as a seamless extension of the data center.  This aligns well with my view on hybrid cloud requirements, which I believe are key to the hybrid cloud.  Greg points out the efficiencies of cloud’s incremental cost … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cloud Migration Gap and a 60’s Castaway Comedy
    4/26/2013Greg Ness

    I’ve written a series of blogs about the economics of cloud and the lack of serious enterprise adoption of public cloud (versus data center and private cloud adoption) and I’ve reached the conclusion that the public cloud is: 1) ideal for new (or smaller) apps that have been virtualized and were intentionally created for the … Continued

  • CloudVelox logo
    CloudVelox Spring 2013 Update

    Thank you for your interest in CloudVelox.  We have had a busy 2013 with more than 100 enterprise trials in place and several converting to customers ahead of our GA announcement. We have also added new resources to our website and updated our newsroom with recent coverage. The new website update ( features our new Hybrid Cloud … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Future in Review Panel on Hybrid Cloud
    4/24/2013Greg Ness

    On May 23rd at Future in Review I’ll be moderating a panel on “Why Hybrid Cloud Will Win and What It Will Mean for the Enterprise CXO” with: Yousef Khalidi, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft; David Nelson, Chief Strategist, Cloud Computing, The Boeing Company; Simon Aspinall, Chief of Vertical Markets, Strategy and Marketing, Virtustream; and Jonathan King, … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    Accelerating the Hybrid Cloud: Cloudcast Interview
    4/19/2013Rajeev Chawla

    Last night I was able to talk to Brian Gracely at The Cloudcast on CloudVelox and the hybrid cloud. The 33 minute interview (Accelerating the Hybrid Cloud (#83) is now available for download. A special thanks to Brian, who asked some of the most probing hybrid cloud questions asked by anyone to date. He is … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    Why the Hybrid Cloud Will Win
    4/11/2013Anand Iyengar

    On April 29 at Computerworld’s OSBC Conference in San Francisco I’ll be participating on a panel discussing hybrid cloud with execs from Citrix, Microsoft, and PlumGrid, moderated by Mayfield Fund’s Robin Vasan. Here is the session’s abstract. We would love to see you there: Public and private clouds have set the stage for a massive … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud Made Simple
    3/18/2013Greg Ness

    There have been a multitude of hybrid cloud news announcements so far this year, many confusing readers by blurring the lines between public and private clouds, yet still not addressing the challenge of hybrid cloud automation and the importance of synergy. Without hybrid cloud automation there is minimal synergy between clouds. Let me illustrate the … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    ­Hybrid Cloud and the Power of Synergy
    3/11/2013Greg Ness

    An entirely new generation of hybrid cloud solutions and operating models are about to transform IT. This coming transformation is so massive that many professionals today running apps and services in the clouds may even some challenge understanding the full potential of the hybrid cloud and the power of synergy. Let’s start by connecting the … Continued

  • Raman Chawla
    Cloning in the Hybrid Cloud
    3/6/2013Raman Chawla

    First, I would like to thank all those who signed up for the beta trial and tried our Cloud Cloning product. A special thanks to all those users who after trying the beta software provided valuable comments and suggestions. All of the user input has resulted in several usability improvements. In this post, I would … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    The Cloud’s Next Killer Apps
    3/4/2013Greg Ness

    I think the new cloud killer apps for enterprises will leverage cloud-integrated data centers (or true hybrid cloud adoption), and will strategically transform IT operating models. Those killer apps will include cloud-enabled agility, protection and scalability. Cloud-Integrated Agility (Strategic Agility) VMware introduced virtualization-enabled x86 agility in devtest and then production environments as a way to … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    I Have Seen the Beginning of the End of Cloud Migration. Have You?
    2/15/2013Greg Ness

    An entire industry of cloud-related consultants and service professionals has grown up in a few short years, empowered by the complex and risky process of cloud migration, or the moving of an application and its services from a fixed data center to a (fixed) cloud.  The meteoric rise of public cloud has generated remarkable commercial … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Thinking Beyond Cloud Migration
    1/30/2013Greg Ness

    Just as enterprises start to dabble in cloud migration (by merely migrating virtualized instances and sometimes services into public clouds), along comes the hybrid cloud meme, offering enterprises the promise of building their own hybrid clouds out of both virtual and unmodified apps running in cloud- integrated data centers. Datamation predicted that the hybrid cloud … Continued

  • Panos Tsirigotis
    The Power of Hybrid Cloud Deployment
    1/17/2013Panos Tsirigotis

    Today’s applications are running on a physical or virtual infrastructure with virtual infrastructures eventually evolving into private clouds. Applications are also evolving from single-system to multi-tiered deployment. The canonical example of a multi-tiered application is one employing a web-based frontend and database backend. Additionally, applications may depend on network services (for example, DNS, Active Directory), … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud Isn’t Public Cloud
    1/11/2013Greg Ness

    There is a temptation to think that all cloud operating models are alike and are driven by interest in commodity IT, or IT delivered at the lowest possible cost.  For many (especially early) cloud customers this is certainly the case.  I predict, however, that hybrid cloud will be driven by very different operating expectations, driven … Continued

  • Raman Chawla
    Patching and Testing in Cloud
    1/8/2013Raman Chawla

    Application development, bug fixing, testing and patching the OS on which the application is running are routine tasks for a developer. But, this process could get very involved, as often this requires the same development environment as in the staging/ production. This translates into a hunt for getting access to additional systems or a request … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    Hybrid Cloud Requirements, Part 2
    1/4/2013Anand Iyengar

    Last month we wrote about hybrid cloud requirements in an effort to encourage more focus on core capabilities. The first requirement had to do with new and existing multi-tier apps. Our rationale: a true hybrid cloud should handle all apps and not be limited to new apps created just for the cloud. Understandably, enterprises will … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    Predictions for 2013
    12/27/2012Rajeev Chawla

    As 2012 comes to an end, Greg Ness, our VP of Marketing, asked me to put together my top 3 cloud-computing market predictions for 2013. Here are my predictions and I would love to hear your comments and thoughts: 1. Hybrid Cloud adoption will gain momentum – New tools and technologies automating the steps required … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud Watch
    12/20/2012Greg Ness

    A couple of weeks ago NetworkWorld predicted that 2013 would be The Year of the Hybrid Cloud. A couple weeks earlier IDC discovered a hybrid cloud trend in their research, according to Cloud Ecosystem: “IDC discovered that as many as 40 percent of the enterprises using the cloud are already using a hybrid mix of … Continued

  • Anand Iyengar
    Hybrid Cloud Requirements
    12/18/2012Anand Iyengar

    Last week Greg blogged about the hybrid cloud barrier: Perhaps the most significant barrier to a true hybrid cloud operating model is a wide gulf of manual processes required to run existing multi-tier apps and services seamlessly across data centers, colocation facilities and public clouds. That gulf is perhaps the largest barrier to the enterprise … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    Hybrid Cloud is a Game-Changer.
    12/13/2012Greg Ness

    Amazon and Google have done a remarkable job promoting public cloud, as VMware, Cisco and OpenStack have done similarly with private cloud. Yet last week at the Gartner Data Center Conference 2012 the dominant theme was neither public cloud nor private cloud, but rather hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is form of cloud computing whereby … Continued

  • Photo of Greg Ness of CloudVelox
    High Velocity Hybrid Cloud
    12/12/2012Greg Ness

    I joined CloudVelox (when it was in stealth mode as Denali Systems) because it represents a new generation of capabilities required for cloud-integrated data centers. Perhaps the most significant barrier to a true hybrid cloud operating model is a wide gulf of manual processes required to run existing multi-tier apps and services seamlessly across data … Continued

  • Rajeev Chawla
    Welcome, and an Introduction
    12/12/2012Rajeev Chawla

    I am very excited to publicly announce the beta of our products after more than 18 months of stealth development as Denali Systems. CloudVelox is the industry’s first open hybrid cloud platform that enables existing and new Linux and Windows multi-tier applications to run in a public cloud without modification, automatically extending the data center … Continued