Business Challenges with Traditional Dev/Test

  • Provisioning Labs can be Expensive when enterprises have to purchase and provision servers for testing complex environments and apps.
  • Product Development can be Delayed by procurement and provisioning processes as well as errors in replicating complex lab environments.

IT Challenges with Traditional Dev/Test

  • Delayed Development with hardware provisioning and configuration means unnecessary delays.
  • Excessive Maintenance and Risk in keeping labs in sync with production environments is costly and error prone.
  • Budgets and Resources Frequently Tied Up in provisioning and configuring new hardware to simulate actual environment.

Easy Setup Development Environments

Setting up a lab in a traditional data center can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Hardware needs to be provisioned and configured before it can be utilized, wasting time and money.

With CloudVelox software, labs can be created in environments that are virtually identical to production systems, reducing the incidence of errors as workloads are pushed into production.

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