Physical and Virtual Apps

CloudVelox supports both physical and virtual multi-tier apps and services. Learn More

No App Modification

You no longer have to re-architect or even virtualize apps to deploy them into the cloud. Learn More

Security and Control

Critical authentication services are quickly and easily extended into the cloud. Learn More

Hybrid Cloud and Disaster Recovery

CloudVelox offers the only highly automated solution for deploying multi-tier apps and services into the cloud without modification or virtualization. Critical authentication services (including LDAP and Active Directory) are integrated with the apps in the cloud, enabling hybrid cloud operating models and powerful new use cases, especially “pay as you go” disaster recovery and agile software development.

CloudVelox automates critical hybrid cloud infrastructure processes — from discovering the constituent hosts to replicating and provisioning and launching groups of systems — all with drag and drop menus. CloudVelox also extends the enterprise data center to the Cloud so that these distributed multi-tier applications can access any necessary services residing back in the enterprise. The cloud becomes a seamless extension of the data center.


Disaster Recovery

Leverage the cloud's "pay as you go" model for continuous application protection.

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Automated Cloud Migration

Safely and securely deploy Windows and Linux Apps and Services into the cloud.

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Development and Test

Extend your DevTest lab into the cloud for increased agility and training.

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